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Oxford Business Coaching offers leadership, career and executive coaching for personal and professional development. We grow leaders, transform the way you behave and think. The way you interact, make decisions, give feedback,
motivate, handle difficult situations, focus your attention and pitch your ideas.

Our Purpose 

Oxford Business Coaching's aim is to provide you with time and space to self-reflect on your unique beliefs, values and behaviours. In doing so, you'll come to understand your personal impact on those around you, the limitations you’ve placed on yourself, and how best to overcome them. 


Through our leadership and business coaching, you’ll learn how to dial into your self-narrative, change the way you see yourself, and begin to rewrite your story.

Our Approach

We believe everyone already has the skills and resources they need to succeed and achieve their skills– all you require are the tools to unlock them. 


You'll work collaboratively with your leadership coach to:


Our business coaching will help you to transform your attitudes, beliefs and and behaviours to become a confident and capable leader.  

Sally Dicketts

CEO, Activate Learning Group 

"Tracey has successfully coached four of Activate Learning’s senior managers.  She has done this with compassion, a laser like attention to developing their performance and confidence to great effect. She is highly professional, reliable and adept at coaching.  All four senior managers have found the process rewarding, challenging and performance enhancing.  I would thoroughly recommend Tracey as a coach".

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for; we are the change we seek."


- Barack Obama


traceydjames@hotmail.com   |  Tel: 07779 643450

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